Evel offer Roof cooler , one adiabatic machine studied to reduce temperature in big environment, without adding vapour or water into the environment.
Also in this case we can offer to our customer one product with low energy consumption. Infact this machine is consuming very limited energy, less then 1 Kw/h and it’s very easy to be installed. Furthermore it’s not requiring any maintenaince.


The Roof Cooler is a product designed to find applications in many fields and intended for cooling and air renewal in industry, zootechnics, shopping centers, warehouses, sports centers, gyms and cinemas.

Technical features

– Maximum air flow : m³/h 15.000
– Voltage: 230V 1~50/60 Hz
– Weight (empty): kg 80
– Tank capacity : litri 45
– Dimentions : mm L:1150 x W:1150 x H:950


– Easy to be installed
– Low electrical consumption
– Ecologic
– Applicable in a lot of different environment
– Hhigh resistance plastic material
– Possibility to be connected to the roof

Evel, young italian company bornt in the field of air destratification include in his huge range of products also Roof Cooler, evaporative cooler studied to reduce air temperature inside any environment.

Evaporative cooling is one adiabatic process using the capacity of air to absorb water vapor based on his temperature; more the air is hot, more is able to absorb water. Evaporative cooling add water vapour to air until it’s not full of water.